General terms and conditions

  • management is not in charge of any negative repercussions triggered by the use of the next data.
  • The information published on the does not aim to be used for unlawful purposes.
  • platform is not in charge of errors in the content of this text under the law.
  • The content of this virtual platform is intended just for entertainment and informational purposes. 
  • is a self-contained website ensuring guides and data support in the sphere of gambling.
  • The liability for figuring out the level of the lawfulness of the game in one or another web service or bets in the game lies completely with the clients of
  • All data of the website, apart from the one where the appropriate notice (about copyright), is our own. Any use of the information of this platform by its users must be in accord with the intellectual property law.
  • The management of the site is not in charge of the completeness and correctness of the info specified in the items of this article.
  • reserves the right to redact the data which were promulgated in these paragraphs without special prior notification – it cannot be taken as an obligation to the platform in the future.
  • All brand marks named in this text are owned by their respective owners.
  • Borrowing, copying, and porting the information of this site is forbidden for its clients in any manner.
  • Focus on the fact that services, technologies, and products named on these pages may not be licensed in this context and may be falling under other intellectual property rights attached to the platform.
  • The  source is doing its utmost to give its clients advanced, reliable, and proper information.
  • If, while getting acquainted with the information of this source, you meet mistakes or omissions, please get in touch with our support team by sending an email to [email protected].
  • In case the text specified on the platform meets all the provisions of international rules and does not have false, aggressive, abusive, etc. words, the management of reserves the right to withhold delete data from the website.

Claims to casino

If you make a complaint through the platform you unequivocally take the next terms and conditions:

  • The platform is designed just for dealing with registered users of
  • arbitrage – proposed by service is free, designed to help in resolution of the conflict occurring between clients and casino operators.
  • management is not liable for the outcome of resolution of conflicts sent through the site.
  • Claims provided through that do not correspond to the mentioned terms or are not supported by the required info (such as the username and email address said in the casino) may be dismissed or closed under right reserved by
  • website, as well as all the content given within it, is open to the public. Liability for the non-disclosure of any personal data affecting the personal interests of clients lies totally with the author of the made claim.
  • Taking into consideration all information that the client exchanges with the site administration and casino operators during the resolution of the claim, strict confidentiality is respected – it cannot be given to third parties.
  • The time limit provided for the answer (96 hours) is obligatory for all members to the process of resolving the dispute by the platform.
  • Live Chat, Skype, and any other similar communication methods are not used in the claim process. The major and only channel of communication between the initiator of the claim and the administration is by email.
  • Any claim can be reopened twice at the request of any of the members involved (user and casino operator). But, the motion for renewal may be denied by the administration of if there are insufficient grounds for such a decision.
  • Consideration and solving of all disputes, claims about which are given to, are implemented only based on the facts and evidence given by the members of the dispute.
  • reserves the right to correct the above rules without prior warning – they enter into force from the moment of publication.

Forum Terms of Use

  • By using this Forum, you agree to abide by the next rules, the first of which is to prohibit the publication of information that has discriminatory, deceptive, false, aggressive, offensive, vulgar, obscene, violating the privacy of a person or other similar content that violates International law. The publication of such examples is prohibited in all segments of the forum, including sectors such as signature, avatar, username, bookmarks, and photos.
  • Publishing real info about the full names of clients and their email addresses or any other personal data is against the rules.
  • According to the policy of this platform, vulgar and offensive behavior is prohibited.
  • Spam is strongly prohibited. You must not duplicate messages on different topics, advertising of any type, flood, post “letters of happiness”, so-called “strategies’, e-mail newsletters, and write discrediting any business messages. You will have a ban.
  • Posting of any data protected by copyright is against the rules unless the author of the publication can show written permission to use the materials from their owner.
  • Since the publication of the post, the rights to it belong to the services, therefore, the consent of our managers is required to write them on any other forums. The same rule applies in reverse: writing info from other forums is only permitted if you are allowed by administrators.
  • Please remember that we do not track absolutely all content posted on the forum, so we are not liable for the sense of messages. The accuracy, usefulness, and relevance of the data written do not depend on us at all: it depends on the author of the post. In case you see any of the messages posted on the forum obscene – do not hesitate and inform the moderators.
  • If among the messages on the forum you see content that, in your opinion, breaches any of the rules written here, please inform us, using the “Complain” button.
  • Posting content prohibited by the specified rules in private messages on our forum is not acceptable. The punishment is account blocking.
  • Refrain from posting duplicate messages in two or more topics or forum segments.
  • In cases that resulted in legal conflicts or formal claims, the company reserves the right to disclose the personal data of forum clients at the request of the Law.
  • The data published on the site is not intended to be used for criminal purposes. It is the users’ liability to ensure that they know all the terms required for registration, including age. In many areas, gambling is against the law, therefore, before using the platform, we ask you to make sure that games of this form are allowed in your territory. site has data for informational and entertainment purposes only. The platform has nothing to do with any organization whose activity is to carry out gambling. The links on our site are there only for your convenience: by clicking on them, you leave the site.
  • In order for the password to your account to have the best degree of security, we recommend using difficult combinations.
  • We ask you to give complete and accurate info in the registration forms, having many accounts from one user is prohibited.
  • The breach of one or more of the specified rules may result in deleting any topic by the platform moderators.
  • Frauds committed in the game entail blocking on the forum.
  • We believe in a second chance and if your breach of the rules is not too serious, we will issue you a warning before banning or deleting your account from the platform. But only once!
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