Bitcoin Keno Casinos

Bitcoin Keno ought to be on your to-do list if you enjoy lottery games. The game is a lot of fun to play. It’s exciting, easy to play, and doesn’t need a lot of technical knowledge. Anyone may play Keno if they understand the game’s rules. You may play Keno at any bitcoin casino in today’s ever-expanding gaming market. Since online casinos were able to incorporate the advantages of Cryptocurrency with a lucrative and straightforward game to cater to online Keno fans, Bitcoin Keno has surged in popularity. This entertaining game has been around for almost a decade in the gaming business.

Top Rated 10 BTC Keno casinos

mBit Casino


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Wild Tornado Casino

Wild Tornado

150% bonus up to 1 BTC + 100 free spins


Stake Casino


Get instant 10% rakeback on signup


Roobet Casino
Roobet Casino


Offer provides 0.001 BTC when you join


Bc.Game Casino
Bc.Game Casino


bonus of 100%


CloudBet Casino
CloudBet Casino


5 BTC + 200 free spins


Rocketpot Casino
Rocketpot Casino


500 free spins


8 Games Casino Games Casino


2 free bitcoins and 100 free spins


Bitstarz Casino
Bitstarz Casino


6 BTC + 210 free spins


10 Casino Casino


25% Cashback bonus


How To Play Keno With Bitcoin?

After learning about Bitcoin Keno, you must be well-versed in how to play Bitcoin Keno if you wish to have a realistic chance of winning real money when playing online Bitcoin Keno. Here’s a step-by-step guide to playing Bitcoin Keno:

  • When you select Start, you’ll get a card with numbers ranging from 1 to 80.
  • Choose at least one number, but no more than twenty. The numbers you choose are the ones you’ve decided to play.
  • Choose how much Bitcoin you’d like to risk on each number.
  • Select the number of drawings where you wish to participate.
  • Choose your multipliers. They have a significant role in deciding your winnings.
  • When you finish your entries, the drawings begin right away, and the operator picks 20 numbers at random.
  • You win only when the digits you chose on your internet Keno cards fully match drawn.

10 Best Bitcoin Keno Casinos in 2022

Keno is a comparatively calm crypto game. It was born in China, but nowadays it is widespread in many parts of the world. Play keno in the best bitcoin Keno casinos. While choosing the site, pay attention to the rating, withdrawal limits, deposit methods, and bonuses. There is a list of good virtual casinos with keno games.

  1. Mbit Casino
  2. 7 Bitcasino
  3. Betway casino
  4. Casimba
  5. 20 bet
  6. Super Slots
  7. Betonline
  8. Wild casino
  9. Stake
  10. Roobet

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your BTC Keno Casino

  • What is BTC Keno?

Keno is a crypto game based on numbers. It is similar to the lottery but has its peculiarities.

  • Are there any bonuses in crypto Keno?

It depends on the casino. Every platform has its own conditions in each game. Read attentively the terms and rules of the gambling platform you have decided to play on.

  • Is playing btc Keno legal?

You should know the laws of your country. Of course, you have to be 18 (or under some regulations 21) years old.

  • Can I use any Keno strategies?

Remember that Keno with bitcoin is a game of chance. If you have any ideas for strategies – use them.

  • Is there a possibility to play online Keno for free?

Almost all cryptocurrency Keno casinos allow players a test version of games. You can try playing free Keno.

Keno Rules

Every game, including Bitcoin Keno, has its own rules, and understanding them is critical to playing the game successfully. Here are the rules of Keno:

Rule One: Obtain a Card

Unlike traditional casinos, which give you a paper ticket, virtual Bitcoin Keno gives you a digital ticket that serves as your cards before each game. The card has a range of numbers from 1 to 80. Every round, your card will reset, prompting you to pick new numbers.

Rule Two: Complete The Card

The game laws enable you to choose at least one and up to 20 numbers from the 80 digits on the card. The maximum number of numbers you can choose varies every game, although it is usually 20. Please remember that the larger the wager, the more digits you choose.

Rule Three: Make A Wager

Given the unique nature of Bitcoin Keno, once you’ve chosen your digits on the cards, the game’s rules enable you to gamble using Bitcoin. Many bitcoin casinos also accept other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. However, Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto-wagering currency.

Rule Four: Start Winning

You won’t know whether you won or not until the Random Number Generator has selected 20 numbers. When many of the chosen numbers exactly match your cards, you are sure to win. Otherwise, a reset card suggesting that you reselect your numbers will allow you to try again in the following round.

Draw Scheme

The peculiarities of the lottery’s holding might be present in the lottery’s regulations. The acquisition of a ticket is the initial step in playing Keno. Lottery tickets are sold in a variety of ways on Bitcoin keno sites:

  • Direct – only one combination is possible.
  • Separate enables you to wager on two distinct groupings of numbers.
  • Combined is a straight ticket that combines multiple bet possibilities, each with its charge.
  • The concept of travel develops in three stages.
  • The Royal ticket is a variation of the preceding one.

You may pause to discuss the final pair of alternatives in further depth. The following is how the tickets fill out. The card first chooses the number of groupings of numbers. The number of possible possibilities is then provided, and the overall number of wagers is recorded. The royal card is a more extended variant of the regular ticket that includes a distinct set of winning numbers. Hence, the lottery’s basic rules compensate for the perplexing procedure of ticket filling. Keno simulators are a lot easier to use.

Bitcoin Keno Basic Rules

Keno with bitcoin is a perfect game both for joy and for money. The rules are easy. Everybody can understand them in a minute.

  1. Bitcoin keno boards have eighty or ninety numbers. (Gamblers have to bet on multiple numbers ranging from 1 to 80/90.)
  2. Before the game, a player is given the opportunity to choose the numbers, he makes bets on the selected numbers. The basic task of the gambler is to guess which numbers will fall out and mark them on the ticket he has.
  3. The rules of the platform determine the minimum and maximum quantity of numbers that can be selected on the ticket.
  4. How many specific numbers to mark from this range, a player decides himself.
  5. Players do their choice, 20 numbers are randomly selected and compared with the numbers that the players marked on their tickets.
  6. The amount of winnings is determined by the quantity of marked numbers, the quantity of matching numbers, and the size of the bet.

Types of Crypto Keno Games

The basis of Keno games is the same everywhere. There are just some variations of it connected with not essential options. In some bitcoin Keno casinos, the Keno board may contain 80 numbers, on others – 90, for example. A minimum set of numbers may also vary from game to game.

How To Choose A Good Casino For Keno?

You’ll want to make sure you’re playing with a reliable site, just as with any other online casino game. Although most online casinos are reputable and fair, there is always a handful that isn’t. Opt for online gambling that a reputable gaming regulator has licensed. Banking choices and customer service are two more things to consider.

Know The Number Of Keno Games Available

Almost everyone has a preferred Keno game. And it’s probable that when you’re shopping for a casino, you’re explicitly seeking one that offers that game. You can browse online casinos by supplier or game type at the finest online casinos. Hence, you can quickly identify those who provide the greatest Keno games. Double-check that the casino you’re considering provides that game if you have a favorite Keno variety. Regardless of your choice, make sure their filtering mechanism will work for you.

Learn About Keno Promotions

Bonuses and promos are an essential part of an online casino’s marketing strategy for attracting and retaining customers. Bonuses, when implemented effectively, may help keep a player engaged for longer while also making it less expensive for the player to devote time to their interest. Look at the game rewards for Keno in particular. These might differ from one casino to the next.

What Currencies And Payment Methods You Can Use?

All top keno casinos offer a diverse selection of games. For example, major debit and credit cards, such as Mastercard and Visa, and bank or wire transfers, are frequently accepted. Depositing and withdrawing payments at online casinos is commonly done via credit and debit cards. Mastercard and Visa, the two most widely used brands, are well recognized and accepted. You may also make deposits and withdrawals using an e-wallet. Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are the three most popular options. Ensure the casino you choose has all these options.

Put The Customer Support Team To The Test

Because the service terms of online casinos differ, you must inquire about them. Here’s when having a professional customer service rep comes in handy. Look for a casino that provides various options to contact customer support. Many websites will provide you with a timeframe for when you may expect to hear from them. Some even have live chat capabilities.

Difference Between Bitcoin Keno and Regular Keno

Players may choose their Keno and begin playing exactly like conventional online Keno after registering their e-wallet Bitcoin wallet with the cryptocurrency casino and completing the requisite deposit. In terms of the features, rules, and circumstances of winning, there are no significant variations between Bitcoin Keno and regular Keno. The only significant distinction between them is the currency in which you play. Deposits, bonuses, withdrawals, and awards are all made with fiat or cryptocurrencies. Payments are paid in Bitcoin in Bitcoin Keno plays, but solely in currency in standard Keno games. Apart from cash, regular casinos lack secrecy, confidentiality, and provably fair software, and transaction speeds and prices are often greater than Bitcoin Keno. These variables combine to make Bitcoin Keno extra appealing than traditional Keno.

Play Bitcoin Keno on Mobile

Everybody who has a mobile or a tablet can play keno. Players may enjoy this opportunity where it is comfortable for them. Play keno on mobile and win!

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Keno

The pros of Bitcoin Keno include:

  • Transactions that are super-fast and super-cheap
  • Improved anonymity and privacy
  • Payments made without permission around the world
  • Gambling that is powered by Provably Fair technology
  • Anonymous

The cons of Bitcoin Keno include:

  • Bitcoin is for those who know what they’re doing with technology.
  • If you misplace Bitcoin, it’s gone forever.
  • There are a lot of scam websites out there.

Strategies & Tips to Play Bitcoin Keno

  1. Keno is based on opportunity and chance first of all.
  2. It is difficult to influence the random result.
  3. The most pleasant thing in keno is hope.
  4. Everybody wants to be lucky and to win. You just may test some keno strategies to decrease the losses.
  5. Begin gambling with the smallest sum of money.
  6. In case of a lucky outcome, add money for risk.
  7. Bet both high and low numbers.
  8. Receive all suggested bonuses.
  9. Observe the statistical data of previous keno games on the website.
  10. Decide what your limit will be for keno gambling.

The Truth About Keno Strategies

Bitcoin Keno is essentially a matter of chance played online. To decide if you may win that round, you must choose random digits and wait for the casino program to roll out new numbers. The optimal technique in a Bitcoin Keno game is to choose numbers from 6 to 8. If you pick 6, 7, or 8 numbers, your likelihood of victory improves. Someone can claim that picking a large number increases your chances of winning. However, keep in mind that the more digits you choose, the bigger the wager you’ll have to make. So keep in mind to only bet what you can stand to lose.

Bitcoin Keno Tips

Even though Keno is a game of luck similar to a lottery in which nothing depends on the player, you should note that specific strategies can assist players in improving their likelihood of victory. Of course, these suggestions do not ensure success; everyone would be following them if they did. As a result, the bitcoin keno tips included here solely help players improve their likelihood of victory.

Alan Kriegman’s System

When it comes to Keno’s advice, Alan Kriegman’s System is unavoidable. The most considerable triumph will come from combining all the statistics you’ve put on. It is exceedingly unlikely to happen in Bitcoin keno, with a massive probability. The technique devised by Alan Kriegman depends on estimating the chance of winning by the number of digits won.

Play For Free

This advice applies to all gambling games. Before you start playing with real money, it’s advisable to give Keno a try for free first. Many BTC casinos provide a demo mode where you may try your hand at Keno or other entertaining game. Players may use it to figure out rewards, odds of winning, and how the system works. In conclusion, free bitcoin keno is an excellent way to learn about the game. You can also ensure that you do not regret your decision if something goes wrong. Before commencing the game with Bitcoins, it is always important to practice.

Choose Between 4-8 Numbers

This suggestion is very beneficial to novice players. Beginners feel that the more numbers they choose, the higher their chances of winning. It’s impossible not to side with them, so the likelihood of getting good numbers increases as the number of numbers increases. However, it’s worth noting that the payout isn’t the same. For instance, if you pick six numbers and correctly predict all six, the payoff will not be the same, but the reward will be different if you correctly guess six out of ten. Because the bitcoin casino keno game has 80 digits, getting the correct numbers is slim if you pick numbers lower than 4. Hence, it is preferable to concentrate on a few numbers rather than selecting all 20 at once. Of course, it is entirely dependent on the preferences of the player.

Big Jackpots and Wins on BTC Keno

Jackpot is rarely won in keno. As Jackpot usually becomes more and more from game to game, the final winner gets a huge sum of money.

FAQ Bitcoin Keno Casinos

How do I play Keno with Bitcoin?

Playing Keno with Bitcoin is quite similar to playing Keno with other currencies. Most online casinos enable you to link your account to your profile. It makes it feasible for you to play Bitcoin Keno with your bitcoin. You may also change your wins into dollars, pounds, euros, or other currencies if you choose.

What is the house edge for Bitcoin Keno?

The majority of Bitcoin Keno games come with a 1% House Edge. It indicates that the Bitcoin Casino website will return 99 percent of the investments in the long run while winning only 1%. You'll try to generate a profit from that 1%.

Is there a winning Keno strategy I can use at Bitcoin casinos?

Keno is entirely a game of chance; there is no way to boost your chances of winning. Keep a level mind and enjoy playing as long as you can, because there isn't much more you can do!

Is Bitcoin Keno Worth Playing?

Keno is among the most underestimated crypto games since it is a game of chance. Although this is accurate, several specific strategies might help Keno become a more enjoyable game. You can win the match and the substantial benefits of Bitcoin Keno if you play appropriately and use a few clever strategies.

What Numbers Hit the Most in Bitcoin Keno?

The most often drawn numbers in Bitcoin keno are 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72. These five values are trendy, but they change when players return to the last produced numbers in a specific Keno game.

Can I convert my keno winnings into dollars or euros?

Yes, if the cryptocurrency Keno casinos you chose have this option - you can convert the winnings.

How much Bitcoin should I wager?

As you wish - you should decide by yourself.  You also choose the quantity of draws you’ll take part in.

Are there any video guides with keno rules?

Of course, you can find video examples of keno gaming on the Internet.


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