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Plinko is an engrossing game. It was first presented in 1983. Gamblers from many countries like it very much. Online casinos allow you to enjoy Plinko staying at home. Moreover, cryptocurrency Plinko casinos provide an excellent game with the use of bitcoins. The quantity of gaming platforms permitting Bitcoin has been rising steadily.

Best 5 Plinko Crypto Casinos

Rocketpot Casino
Rocketpot Casino


500 free spins


FortuneJack Casino
FortuneJack Casino


5 BTC + 250 free spins


Bitstarz Casino
Bitstarz Casino


6 BTC + 210 free spins


Fairspin Casino
Fairspin Casino


Up to 5 BTC + 140 free spins


Stake Casino
Stake Casino


Get instant 10% rakeback on signup


How To Play Plinko Crypto Game?

Bitcoin Plinko is a fun and easy way to get into the world of Bitcoin. You can start playing with just a few clicks, and it doesn’t take long to learn the basics. In this article, we’ll show you how to play in Bitcoin Plinko and give you some tips on winning big:

  • Sign Up For An Account. The initial step is to create an account with a reputable Bitcoin Plinko site. It will include providing some personal information and verifying your email address. Once you have registered, you will be able to deposit Bitcoin into your account.To play in Bitcoin Plinko, you’ll need to create an account with a reputable site. There are a number of these sites, but we recommend signing up with one of the top three: BitMakler, Plinko, or Bitcoin Games. All three of these sites have been around for several years and have a solid reputation in the Bitcoin community.
  • Deposit Funds Into Your Account. Now that you have a Bitcoin Plinko account, you need to deposit funds into it so you can start playing. To do this, click on the “Funds” tab at the top of the page and select “Deposit.” You will see various deposit options, including standard debit and credit card transactions, bank transfers, and even crypto-currency transactions. Select the choice that is best for you and follow the instructions. Once you deposit your funds, you’re ready to start playing!
  • Choose Your Best Size. When playing in Bitcoin Plinko online game, you’ll need to choose your bet size. It is the amount you’ll wager on each drop of the Plinko puck. You can choose anywhere from 0.001 BTC to 1 BTC, so there’s a bet size for everyone. The more you bet, the higher your potential payout could be!
  • Place Your Bet. Bitcoin Plinko is a simple game that you can play with real money or Bitcoin. You first need to choose a chip value and then place your bet on the board to play. Once the game starts, your chip will randomly land on one of the spaces on the board. If it lands on a winning space, you’ll win the amount shown on the space multiplied by your chip value! So, it’s essential to choose your bet wisely and hope for the best. Good luck!
  • Play The Game. So you want to play in bitcoin Plinko? To do so, you first need to download and install the Pinko gambling game. Open it up once you install the game and click on the “PLAY” button. It will take you to the main game screen, which looks like this: The main game screen is where all the action takes place. You will see a stylized Plinko board in the center of the screen, and below it, you will find all of the game’s controls. To play, all you need to do is click on one of the six colored chips at the bottom of the screen and then drop it by clicking and holding down your mouse button. The chip will then fall down the board and land in one of the slots at the bottom.

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your BTC Plinko Casino

  1. What about the safety of the web-casino?
  • Casinos should have a gambling license from a regulatory agency;
  • Bitcoin Plinko casinos must provide data protection and guarantee the privacy of the clients.
  1. Is Live Plinko available in the casino you have selected?
  2. Do you know anything about the reputation of the casino? If your friend recommends this casino you may play there calmer.
  3. Does the website provide good support and feedback from the casino administration?
  4. Which bonuses can the gambling platform propose?

Bitcoin Plinko

Bitcoin Plinko Online: Basic Rules

The online Plinko board seems like a pyramid/triangle, from the top of which round discs begin to fall.

  1. Place a bet in the relevant field.
  2. Select the level of the game (easy or difficult: the height of the pyramid depends on it).
  3. Drop virtually a round disc or a ball.
  4. Observe how it bounces to the bottom of the board.
  5. Win, if you are lucky.

Types of Crypto Plinko Games

There are two forms of bet options in Plinko with bitcoin:

  • manual
  • auto (neither automatic ball drop nor auto bet).

You are allowed to choose how many balls will drop.

All settings and all Plinko rules are important.

Benefits of Plinko Gambling

  1. Quick transactions.
  2. Fair technology
  3. Withdrawals without bank payments.
  4. Bonuses and promotions.
  5. No processing fees when using crypto coins.
  6. You may play live tournaments (There are usually big jackpots).
  7. The best level of security: your details are protected.
  8. No taxes on the prize money at cryptocurrency Plinko casinos, just those under the local laws.
  9. All transactions are private.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Plinko

  1. Crypto money may be forbidden in the country where you decide to play btc Plinko.
  2. There is a possibility that virtual coins lose their worth and “the prize” will be smaller than you had expected.
  3. Bets in online Plinko are not as tasty as in other gambling games.
  4. Bitcoin Plinko is not offered in each online casino.

Traditional Plinko Game vs Bitcoin Plinko

  • In bitcoin Plinko casinos you can control the honesty of the throw with a special “instrument”.
  • While the original Plinko is organized on a rectangular platform, btc Plinko has the pegs in a pyramid.
  • The more autoplay bets you do, the more balls will roll, but the balls will not run into each other.
Plinko Crypto Features Bitcoin Casino  Traditional Casino
RTP 99% 97%–99%
House Edge 1% 1%–3%
Min Bet 0,0000001 BTC 0,10$
Max Bet 0,2 BTC 2500$

Live Plinko Gambling Tips and Tricks

  1. You should monitor your gain and losses by looking through the table at the side of the screen.
  2. You may play at a high level of risk to get the biggest wins in Live bitcoin Plinko.
  3. For example: 8 lines = 29x, 16 lines = 1,000x

Play Bitcoin Plinko Online on Mobile

You can play the crypto Plinko on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. If at cryptocurrency Plinko casinos there is Plinko on mobile, it shows a high level of quality of these platforms.

Strategies & Tips to Play Bitcoin Plinko

The aim is to get the ball into the hole with the highest stake on the board. You have the chance to win and get bonuses. Pinko gambling game is absolutely random, so there is no Plinko strategy to win. The best strategy for you is to remember: never play at casinos with any such sum of money which you can’t afford to lose!

Nevertheless, maybe these tips will be useful for you:

  1. Choose the minimum quantity of lines and the low risk.
  2. Drop more than twenty balls into the free Plinko gambling game at the time.

Big Jackpots and Wins on BTC Plinko

At one of the cryptocurrency Plinko casinos, the Plinko game used to have a Jackpot (the biggest prize) of 0.19354368 BTC, for example.


How to Play Plinko with Bitcoin?

Select a fair crypto casino where Plinko is offered >> Create an account: type an email and a password >> Open a verification mail and do what they ask you in it >> Provide your crypto money to be transferred into your gambling account >> Choose bitcoins as your platform currency >> Choose Plinko >> Begin the game >> Decide your Bet Amount >> Select a Payout Line >> Click your Bet >> Win!

What are the best sites to play crypto Plinko?

The best sites are: Stake, Rocketpot, and Cloudbet.

Where is Plinko with bitcoin widespread?

In the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia.

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